Experts in leading innovation and change in IT

What we offer

As an expert company in the use of technology in the education sector we provide high-level consultancy and think pieces – to support long term planning and strategic direction. This includes:

  • articles
  • policy drafts
  • responses
  • commentary

Some of these articles are published on our blog.

We also provide specialist input to meetings, groups and conferences including representation as a partner to key organisations and associations.

With our expertise in a wide range of areas we will undertake specific project commissions – from visioning to operational implementation and support. We support reviews and analysis of needs and views; work with suppliers to examine the needs of users and guide suppliers on products and services. We also support the provision of services through membership associations or other organisations (eg LAs and Federations).

We have extensive experience in designing and providing conferences, briefing and training services. These range from localised topic-specific events to high profile national or international events. We are experts in helping others develop understanding and in supporting the long term planning of critical issues; in guiding tactical thinking for medium term planning and at operational level for day to day management of technology. With clear aims and content, and exceptional expert speakers we are particularly interested in providing such services on behalf of or in partnership with existing organisations or associations. We have a strategic partnership with the Independent Academies Association.

We have a determination to exploit technology to support the sector through community services – including operating an online contact network, specialist forums and providing online briefings and customer services including regular news, updates, and topic-pieces and sharing of great practice.

The above summarises the ways we can provide our services however the key lies in the expert content. From our own knowledge, skills and experience we also have a large network of Associates and partners.

We are able to cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Technology standards for the education sector
  • Interoperability between systems, data and learning technologies
  • ICT Procurement advice and support
  • Technical specification and implementation
  • Contract design and supplier management
  • Technical support specifications and standards
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) design and specification
  • Reviews of existing technology and service provision
  • Home Access
  • Community provision and access
  • Special Education Needs as a cross-cutting theme
  • Special Education Needs and Assistive Technologies advice
  • Data and system security standards and frameworks
  • Information management and strategy
  • School improvement with ICT
  • Self-review and accreditation to exploit ICT
  • e-safety standards and policies
  • e-safety and safeguarding support and advice
  • Parental engagement strategies exploiting technology
  • Online and real time reporting implementation
  • Learning platforms and technology specification and implementation
  • Peer networks and forums