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Working with local authorities

IET Associates have done a sterling job of quickly getting to the heart of understanding our needs and evaluating our ICT systems with clarity. Your capacity to quickly assess and prioritise action plans which have been widely agreed by many stakeholders has been impressive (Secondary School Head Teacher commenting on local authority commission)
If you are looking for support with developing your ICT strategy or delivery in partnership with your schools, we can help.

We have completed a number of successful commissions for local authorities, working closely with school leaders and those providing services to schools to ensure that there is an appropriate fit between the services being offered and the requirements of schools in that local area. With our experience of service delivery and of commissioning services, we are quickly able to identify key issues that need to be addressed, and to develop clear and achievable action plans to ensure that services are developed to meet customer needs.

We also work with local authorities and other service providers to develop effective outcomes both in terms of technology strategy and also an ICT strategy to support teaching and learning.

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