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How we operate

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We understand and support the changing needs of schools as the range of support mechanisms changes and reduces (LAs, national bodies and the commercial sector).

We are operating as a social enterprise to maximise our impact and support to schools and their communities. Although we are also able to work with the commercial sector, our rates for the education sector are based on our not for profit status that also embodies the following principles:

  • To operate as a valued provider of services to the education and technology sectors, to deliver benefit for learners and the education sector through exploiting technology and supporting peer activity.
  • To provide services to educational institutions in support of the effective deployment of technology enabling them to narrow the attainment gap and raise educational achievement; improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people; increase the number of young people on the path to success and build social and community cohesion.
  • To provide services by working in partnership with and/or associating with associations (including voluntary), agencies and bodies (including Governmental), local authorities, health organization, local communities to support the effective adoption of technology in the education and community sectors.
  • To work with providers in the education sector to improve products and services to strengthen the role of technology in improving interactions across all the community (including between the range of providers, learners, and children, young people and parents) thereby enabling those users to use technology responsibly and effectively.